Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year's Revolutions

This Blog has been both neglected and dull this past year; with hardly any real content to speak of. This coming year I'll endeavour to otherthrow the tyranny of apathy or die trying. Well this Blog will certainly be put up against the wall and shot if the Revolution fails.

First thing I need to do is finish of the series of posts about The Big Box of Boxed Sets. I'll also add more Moldvayifications of modern classes like the Basic Warlord. Probably: Warforged, Dragonborn, and Thri-Kreen (or maybe a Phraint). Possibly a Forest Elf (archer), Lizardman, and Orc or Half-Orc, maybe a Ranger. DCC is my favourite flavour of D&D at the moment so perhaps some setting stuff for that. Of course; with a name like Old School Random I aught to put more random tables on the Blog. I'm thinking a set of tables for sandboxes and hex crawls might be fun. I know commentary and drama get more hits and comments, than content, but I honestly can't be arsed with either. However, with 5e due out this year I might find a few thing to just jaw about.

Happy New Year OSR types!


  1. viva la revolucion!
    you need more pictures of random dice too! hehehe