Friday, 10 January 2014

[Tunnels & Trolls] Delverton: Part 1: Welcome to Delverton (Please Delve Carefully).

These Delverton articles were in #Trollszine! Randomly reprinting them here to collect them all together. I might add to them. They're for my favourite flavour of T&T 5th edition.

by Lee Reynoldson

Part 1: Welcome to Delverton (Please Delve Carefully).

Delverton, a delver’s town, a sprawling shanty town built on the delving economy. It started with just the Smithy by the ford, then a humble roadside Inn, and grew business by business. First a general store, a bowyer, an armourer, more Inns and Taverns, a master Sword smith, and then the Wizard’s Guild arrived and the town really started to grow. Now Delverton is a thriving boomtown full of the raucous hustle of delvers, and the traders who make their livelihood supplying the delvers with everything they want in
exchange for hard earned loot.

What is Delverton?

Delverton is a conceit, a convenience for GM’s and players, a town that caters
specifically to delvers and their needs, a home base, a one stop shopping centre, and a place for the odd above ground adventure or two. It is designed with an old school dungeon delve in mind, and works best for these types of games. In an epic, heroic, or cinematic game its slightly Gonzo style and conceit might draw too much attention.

The idea is that the GM plonks Delverton a few hours march from his multi-levelled dungeon (whether that be one of his own design or something like the Dungeon of the Bear). The party can then use Delverton as a home base, and a place to gear up, re-equip, upgrade to better weapons and armour, make preparations before heading back down into the underworld, or just engage in some well earned rest and recuperation.

This article covers Delverton before it becomes a thriving town. This article starts with the birth of Delverton when all there was, was the Smithy. Each future article will add new establishments and expand Delverton providing more options for your party as they explore the local dungeon and level up.

Plot Hooks

Each Delverton establishment has three plot hooks associated with it. The GM may use these as mini-adventures, between dungeon delves. These have been left vague, so that any GM can tailor them to fit his game. They can of course be ignored.


Located where the road fords a stream is a smithy, known simply as the Smithy of the Ford. It is both home and workplace to the blacksmith Sigurd, and his son, Beorn. The smithy itself is a simple, one story, stone building with an open front. The smith’s living quarters, a ramshackle wooden hut, leans against the rear of the smithy.

Like most smiths Sigurd is a large muscular man. His eyes are green, and sparkle with both wisdom and intelligence, and his red hair and beard match his ruddy complexion. He is good natured; if somewhat taciturn communicating mostly with grunts, nods, and one word answers. Despite this he always makes visitors feel welcome and, whether they are customers or not, he offers everyone a simple, but filling, meal of bread, cheese, fruit, and ale.

His son, Beorn is as talkative as his father is quiet. Thin and wiry with a shock of unkempt copper red hair. He is friendly and inquisitive by nature and loves to hear tales of adventure and daring, news from far afield, and answers to his incessant questions.

Sigurd has been at the Smithy for thousands of years and is actually the avatar of a god who originally came to the mundane world to teach mortals the secret of metallurgy. He stayed because of the pleasure he draws from living the simple life of a smith. His son, Beorn is a construct he made from bronze. He used part of his own immortal spark to give life to him. 

Wizards sense powerful magic from both Sigurd and Beorn, but no amount of Omnipotent Eyes reveals the nature of this magic as its divine nature
is alien to the teachings of the Wizards Guild. Sigurd and Beorn are friendly, easy going and patient with mortals, but will defend themselves against robbers, bullies, and troublemakers.

Sigurd fights with his smith’s hammer he has a Fighting MR of 100 giving him 11+50 dice and adds and making him a formidable fighter. However, his avatar body is surprisingly vulnerable and this is represented by his low Constitutional MR of 10.

Beorn is the opposite of his father, he is not a competent warrior and only has a Fighting MR of 10 giving him 2+5 dice and adds in combat. However, the fact that he is living bronze makes him hard to hurt represented by his Constitutional MR of 100.

Both Sigurd and Beorn are immune to any kind of ‘mind control’ spells. If killed Sigurd will be reborn at dawn the next day and will be able to repair Beorn if he was killed.

Sigurd: Fighting MR 100; Constitutional MR 10; Special: Immune to mind control spells, Immortal.

Beorn: Fighting MR 10; Constitutional MR 100; Special: Immune to mind control spells, Bronze construct.

Sigurd’s main trade is shoeing horses, and other more exotic mounts, for travellers. For this service he charges 1 copper piece per shoe. He also makes and repairs everyday ironmongery; such as cooking pots, gate latches, door hinges, and the like for the farmers and peasants that live nearby. A service he provides in exchange for food and other everyday goods.

He has a limited stock of weapons and armour at the moment including: a full suit of dwarf sized mail, a full suit of human mail, a steel cap, two target shields, three broadswords, a short sword, a sax, two great axes, two broad axes, four franciscas, a war hammer, and half a dozen spears. He can make swords to order, but it takes two weeks. These are all normal weapons and armour as listed in 5th Ed.

He also has three enchanted swords . . .

Thorn: Thorn is a tiny Greatsword for Fairy warriors. It is made from Mithril and enchanted by Sigurd’s divine magic. It does 3+30 dice and adds; requires a ST and DEX of 3 or higher to wield, weighs 3 weight units and costs 3,000 gold pieces.

Trollbane: Trollbane is a normal broadsword in all respects but against Trolls it scores double damage. It costs 400 gps.

Vorpal Viper: Vorpal Viper is a normal Short sword but when used by a Rogue (and only a Rogue) it will cast a level 1 Vorpal Blade on itself (at no cost to its owner) at the start of each fight. If its owner is wounded it weeps venom onto its blade that does damage equal to the amount of hits its owner took. This venom is only effective for three combat rounds and this only happens once per fight. It costs 1,585 gps.

Plot Hooks for the Smithy by the Ford

Hook 1: Beorn runs away in search of adventure. His father will reward the party with 300 gps, and a free weapon, or shield, each if they can bring Beorn home, unharmed. If found, Beorn will beg to be allowed at least one adventure before going home.

Hook 2: A meteor was seen streaking across the sky. Sigurd thinks it landed nearby. If the party locate it for him he will award them with 200gps. However, a party of Seven Sinister Dwarves are also intent on locating it.

Hook 3: A Pesky Goblin, by the name of Grimblesticks the Hungersome (MR 16), stole Sigurd’s hammer. He can’t abandon the smithy to chase the pest down, but will pay 100gps for the hammer’s safe return. Grimblesticks is holed up somewhere in the 1st level of a dungeon, but will happily swap the hammer for anything, no matter how gross, edible.